All in How You Write It

grammatical-errors-1210x423So, turned in final draft for Promotion: Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army series and working on Analysis: Book 12

Promotion is currently available for pre-release.  Officially available June 1, 2019.

I took the schedules of my team into account and decided the sooner I get book 12 ready to go the less stressful it will be for all of us.

Edit, edit, and more edit.  Though I continue to have to deal with past participles more than any other parts of speech*, I was amused to see an example of the nit picking that can happen during “final draft” editing.

Do I really need to “fix” this?**

The phrase in question is “No Light Being ever could have…”

I stared at it and pondered “ever could have” versus “could ever have.”  

Weirdly, it does make a difference. 

In keeping it “ever could have” I am drawing attention to the fact the Light Being in the scene is

Wow – I just caught a typo because I did a direct copy from the manuscript to this article – didn’t capitalize the L and B. 

In keeping the phrase as is, I’m drawing attention to the fact the Light Being in question is unparalleled relative to his peers.

In other words, if he couldn’t do it…***

This is the level of editing that goes on – for me at least – in final draft stage.

For me, final draft is the draft I turn over to the beta reader.  I do one last read through immediately prior to release just for sanity’s sake.  For book 11 that was yesterday.  It was uploaded today and will be live on time.

* I was able to let go of comma issues – issues set in place when my 5thgrade English teacher decided the rule in place back when the abacus was the computer was set in stone.

** Stephen King does a great job of covering the BS involved with nit picking – including commas – in his work On Writing,,which I highly recommend to aspiring writers.  It’s the real.

***For a bit of insight into this passionate character…

Analysis will be available on or before August 1, 2019


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