Bringing a Story to Life: New Book New Challenge

book_series-300x200Okay, now I’m feeling slightly guilty about Rehearsing the next novel.

It’s more difficult – takes more energy –  to write than to simply daydream.

I have a solid idea of everything that needs to happen in Adjudication: Book 13 in the Metatron’s Army series.  I feel good about the novel and the series.  But I need to wrestle myself away from the daydream stare and into the “eyes on the screen” mode.

Momentum.  I suppose a bit of the issue is inertia.  It’s easy to fall into a state of relaxation induced by Rehearsal, in which you promise yourself you are being productive even as you are relaxing.

Which is true, to a point.  If you never put fingers to keyboard, it all stays in your head.  Nothing makes it to publication.

Whine.  Part of it is the extra energy needed when starting a new novel.

Even one in the same series.

It takes a bit of effort to get the cadence of the story going.

You’re working from a cold start. 

It takes more than simply asking basic questions about the opening scene.  Even knowing the opening scene isn’t enough.  For me, the challenge is – being a cold start – there’s no warmth.

To appreciate the idea of cold start – think race cars.  Warm your engines!

Effort.  This is an instance where simply playing music doesn’t cut it.  Something has to light the fire of creativity.

It’s like a warm dark pool you have to immerse yourself in, surrender to.

Effort – Really.  I find that I typically write ten to fifteen thousand words out of which I will keep two for an opening scene in a new novel.

Perhaps this is the warm-up process.

Rhythm.  I’m in the midst of my third iteration of the opening of Book 13.  I’ve done a bit of rehearsal while listening to a variety of music artists.  I feel I’m close to that transition point from inertia to creative flow.

But I think a bit more rehearsal is needed.



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