Bind and more on MA

I am pleased to announce Bind:  Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army series is available for purchase


I am currently working on the endgame of the series which is an adventure in itself.

None of my previous series work prepared me for the unique challenges involved with writing a saga. 

I have a Diagonals, Book 10 in the series in the hands of a beta reader.  Promotion, Book 11 is semi-finished, and Book 12 which as of yet is untitled, is close to first draft completion.

As a first draft, Book 11 is completed.  However, it is still under construction.  I will be  removing a scene in the near future.

The nature of this project drove a need to adjust on the fly and change how each segment of the series (opening, middle game, endgame) was treated.

I wrote 8, 9, and 10 as one long book then chopped them up later which resulted in numerous headaches.  I’ve elected to do 12 and 13 the same though I hope to avoid repeating the headaches from the previous experience.

The beauty of having written so far ahead is that coming back to it later allows me to see where changes need to happen.

I am going to remove a scene from Book 11 and will combine two scenes in Book 12.

I also have the option of writing scenes to be used in the future.

Which I did today when I wrote a scene that will appear toward the end of Book 13.

I’m looking forward to wrapping up the Metatron’s Army project, though I have come to enjoy working on it.

I have several projects I’m anxious to get to.

I can honestly say it is the most unique writing experience I’ve ever lived through though I’ve learned much through the process.

I doubt I will need to approach any other project the same way.

I’ve gained great experience that will benefit me as a writer.

Stay tuned for upcoming news on future projects.


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