Bringing a Story to Life: In Character – In You

figure-thinking-mdFor the past several days I’ve been trying to finish a difficult scene in Promotion:  Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series.

The difficulty comes from the complexity involved.

 This book in general has been a challenge since I ended up with two versions of it.

My misguided attempt to better organize the files.

I was at least able to choose which of the versions to use and was making great progress when things started grounding to a halt.

As I had a lot going on at the time I tried stepping away – only to find I couldn’t.  I needed to get back to it.

The style of the scene – which is actually several scenes that alternate – is something I’ve never done before but it fits the progression of the story and the series perfectly.  Unfortunately, and likely due to the nature of that style – it is incredibly awkward – for me.

When I read back through it it’s fine – seamless – makes sense. 

The challenge comes from having to swap between characters going through a similar experience in two different locations.

No, not two different dimensions.  Those I can do!  Not different timelines either.

One of the alternating scenes was becoming smoother but that made sense since I knew those characters better.  Thinking that was the source of the problem – that I didn’t know the other characters as well – I took myself to lunch at a local place so I could work on it.

I went close to when it opens so it would not be crowded, chose a table away from others, ordered a glass of wine and pulled out pen and notebook.  By the time my turkey sandwich arrived, I had seven pages written.

It helped but not in the way I intended.  Getting away and working on a different angle – character backstory for one of the characters in a different context altogether – enabled me to look at the awkward scene with new, less distracted eyes.

It didn’t solve the awkwardness issue, however.

And I was getting tired of reading from the beginning.  My eyes were starting to cross!

As I sat down to again attack the situation I realized why the scene is so awkward!  It’s supposed to be!  That’s the point of it!  The characters themselves are feeling awkward!

Ironically, this tells me I did a good job with the situation because I was feeling that awkwardness!

The style was fine – transitioning between the parallel situations – it was the one alternating scene – the characters in it – that was the issue.

I’m about to get back to it but with fresh eyes.

Eyes of writer and reader both!

**  Decided to take a detour through a music break – Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood and Shout at the Devil.  Just the thing to get the brain cells workin…


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