Bringing a Story to Life: Getting Too Far Ahead

turtoise-clipart-tortoise-and-the-hare-3.jpgWrapping up post production work for Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  It feels great to be so far ahead of release deadlines.


Untying a Knot.  The books that comprise the Middle Game of the series are tied so closely to each other, I decided last summer to keep them all in one document that I would break apart into individual pieces later.

Which I did.

Trouble is, in some cases, I had difficulty remembering which scenes ended up in which books.

As I circled back around to Book 8, I realized pieces I needed to know about were in books 9, 10, 11, and maybe even 12.

Worse, I’d written scenes I planned to insert in the future then filed them in a way I thought was logical – only to find it wasn’t.

Double the Work.  To address the problem and keep it organized, I ended up having to read Pin and the other books simultaneously.

The Tale of Two Endings.  Because of good intentions gone bad, I ended up having two versions of the climax resolution.

And I like both of them!!!

Have Faith In the Process.  I suppose it serves me right for getting so far ahead.

I forgot that I did it right the first time. 

I need to trust myself more.

I’ve only been living with the Middle Game for the past 15 months straight. 

Leave It Alone Already!  I always like to reread the novel immediately prior to designing the book cover, slides for the book trailer, and writing the back of book description.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to be “just the reader.”  I tweaked a couple of paragraphs then realized – my beta reader has the copy!

It’s not nice to send edits to a beta reader so I had some fun with that.

Pin will be available for purchase December 15, 2018.

The book trailer will be available November 15.

Now:  Back to Bind: Book 9.

Due March 15, 2019



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