Spooky Fun: You Tell Me

The generation of ghosts born between the years 1944 and 1964?So, tomorrow I’m posting a video about the research interaction between my Vegas ghost and me

He’;s highly intelligent and has a ton of world smarts to boot.  And – he’s opinionated – but so am I. 

Our journey to EMF research evolved.  When he first showed up at our home in FC, aware of the rules, he kept to the sidelines. At one point, I noticed he came around when we were cooking dinner.

An activity we do as a family.

I asked him about it and he told me he liked being in the kitchen with us when we make dinner because it reminded him of when he was a kid and ate at his grandma’s house.

This was a doubled-edged sword because he didn’t have the best home life so it kind of showed him/reminded him of what he’d missed.

This led to his frequently asking, “What are you doing?” followed only by, “Why are you doing this?”

As in – you guys seem to be doing it right relative to what I had growing up.  Why? What makes you different?  I need to understand because I am one who studies life.

When I explained about the whole EMF stuff – a lot of it was internal – supplements I was trying, food choices, etc.  At one point I decided to venture out and investigate areas of suspicion.  He asked to come with me.  I figured, “What the hell?  Why not?”

At this point, I figured he was absorbing the love and warmth of being in an accepting family so I just figured he wanted to go to be around that – pick up our energy.

On the trip where he took away my migraine (yesterday’s video), he became an active participant.

I related all his comments and questions to Aaron who participated in the 3-way conversation with no issue.

Going Up.  Everything changed about a year ago.

Given what I now know, I see that I transcended to a new level of health away from the heavy metal and calcium poisoning.  This enabled me to have a clearer communication medium with the ghost(s) in my life.

Our EMF interactions took on a new …

I can honestly say as a writer I can’t find a word.  They were just so damned different.  More serious, I guess.  A new level?

He began to understand the effect of internal and external factors on my health.  Particularly, the foods I ate and drank.  He began to really discuss the matter in-depth and then make suggestions.

Including on dosages of any supplements, or when to stop taking them because he thought they were not helping or might be harming.

He began to tell me when I was heading down the wrong path.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

This had me asking, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

I’m Not Telling you.  There are a few questions the guy just refuses to answer.

This can be unnerving.

One of them is, “Did God ask you to help me out?  Is it fate that we ended up in the room that evening?  Was it random chance that I happened to be in there – because we’d changed rooms – and I could see you?

He won’t answer.  It’s one of the subjects he won’t even share his opinion about – though I know he has one.

You Tell Me.  His interactions with me also changed.  Not that he gave me answers freely before but beginning about a year ago, when he would give me a suggestion or a hint or a thought – if I ask for clarification, he replies, “You tell me.”

I then need to talk out the entire scientific process.  He doesn’t even necessarily confirm my theories, he just listens then maybe makes me elaborate further.  In the end, I have to work through and for everything.

Meet the Crew.  About the time we began to interact at this new level, a number of ghosts showed up.

Not a coincidence. 

Each of them has had something to offer just as I’ve helped them, providing perspective, having philosophical conversations, pondering what ifs?

They have repeatedly told me they appreciate that I can just sit and not have to talk with them.  We can just sit and watch the birds, the bats, the squirrels, the spiders.  We don’t have to talk.

It has been a relationship of sharing to mutual benefit and though they haven’t immersed themselves in the EMF stuff as much as ET has, they have provided me with gems of information that have helped in other areas.

One of them has helped me understand the “white light” of the NDE experience and how the fact my doorway never closed has enabled me to see and experience things most people aren’t aware of. 

I still think God put these guys in my life for a reason – not just because they can help me but because I can – and have – helped them and they are in his care just as I am.

And there is no horror.  No fear.  No bullsh*t.

Just peace and respect nd the honest exchange of ideas.

Today’s Spooky Fun video, Ghosts as Angels 2, is now available.



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