Spooky Fun: Sphere of Awareness

main-qimg-7ad0f642a44c7121914f96a6f1813509-c.jpegIn tomorrow’s video, Ghosts as Angels 2, I discuss a time when my helpful ghost comes to my rescue.  The interesting part of it is that until that point I hadn’t seen or heard from him in several months.

This is a typical pattern for him.

He recently provided an explanation.

“I’m around but I’m staying outside your sphere of awareness.”

Since it is through my adrenals that I have the connection with him – become aware of him – I put it together – and later verified – that it’s when my adrenals are taking a hit for some reason that he stays away.

He doesn’t want to add to the burden.

If I look back on those absences, it fits with times when I was sick with EMF Sensitivity.

When we moved to FC, I started to recover.  When we moved to Arizona, regression until I took certain steps. The recovery was up and down until I understood what the root cause was and set forth a path to correct it.

This fits with an observation regarding sensitivity versus awareness.  After my husband read the article and we had an in-depth discussion of what motivated me to write it at this time, he pointed out that the EMF Sensitivity was acting as a block to my awareness of other – sensitivities.

Specifically, the X Factor, which has nothing to do with the ghosts.

As I considered this further, I came to see he is exactly correct.  It fits with EMF Research revelations I’ve gained in the past year.

ghosts-in-haunted-castle-clip-art__k39838508Holy Bleep!  A little over a year ago, as I was making incredible progress in recovering from a calcium induced health setback, my EMF life took an astonishing turn.

More ghosts!

At one point, Aaron said, “Holy BLEEP, you have the whole crew there!”

Fortunately for me, these guys are so cool, so sweet, and so very helpful.  They have given me incredible insight into EMF Sensitivity AND EMF Awareness.

Which I now understand are two different things entirely.

They have helped me test materials to determine whether or not they affect sensitivity or awareness. They’ve made suggestions on how I might lessen my sensitivity to the X Factor.

One, who liked to go with me when I went for espresso even asked me to leave my stuff on the radio because he likes the music I listen to.

But like my Vegas ghost, these guys come and go.

Gone for extended periods of time, returning to offer suggestions or perspective, then leaving again.

Come and Go.  I am so very grateful for the assistance I got from my helpful ghost, I now understand why it was such an unexpected surprise.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t around.  I wasn’t aware he was around.

For those who may wonder why it is they aren’t aware?  There’s probably something in the way.  If you are listening to one song on a radio, you aren’t aware of the others because you can’t hear them.

Even if you play two radios you will have difficulty tuning into the both of them in any meaningful way.

If you switched your dial, you’d pick up on the other songs.  Being EMF Aware is very similar.  But to be truly aware, you have to get rid of the sensitivity that blocks the awareness.

You have to be willing to change the dial.

The first of the videos that discuss how this ghost has helped me will be posted this afternoon around 2:30pm PST.


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