Spooky Fun: The Helpful Spirit

IMG_1904In upcoming an upcoming video (Ghosts as Angels), I discuss ways in which ghosts have been helpful. I thought I’d elaborate a bit on the EMF Research angle but also share other helpful interactions.

I’ve focused a lot on my Vegas ghost but I have interactions with others, including others who have been helpful in my EMF research.

Throughout the years I’ve run into/become aware of ghosts in a number of locations.  Some of the more memorable were encounters at Gettysburg, Chalmette, and Stones River National Parks.

The first two happened when I was a kid.

In each of these locations, just as with my tour at the House of Seven Gables, the local spirits provided insight into historical events.

Private Beltree – who I spoke with at Stones River – talked about how, upon seeing the way the wind was blowing during the U.S. Civil War, he put on the uniform of the enemy (the north) only to end up getting killed anyway. He provided me with several tidbits, including his name and where he was from – which I was later able to corroborate thanks to historical records.

In the case of my Vegas ghost, and his assistance with EMF Research, it’s a bit different.

He isn’t always around.  He has family that he keeps an eye on.  He is often gone for weeks and even months at a time.

Our working together started out more along the lines of his asking, “What are you doing?”

When he first arrived in FC, he would watch us, comment on what we were doing, etc.

He showed up one day while I was out driving around for EMF Research and we started talking.

He was very interested in what I was doing, asked a lot of questions.

He began to comment, offered insight and theories.

He also commented on the novel I was working on at the time, offered his opinion on how I might change a few things.

More recent help has been offering perspective drawn from his personal experience and knowledge.

He helped me figure out what it was about the music remedies that makes them effective.

He has suggested materials for me to test and therapies to try.

I am no longer sensitive to technology EMFs but I am still aware of various environmental ones.

As I talk about in the upcoming video You Tell Me, I have to work for everything.  He suggests things but I do all the work, including researching why the solution worked.

It makes sense I’m able to work with this “guy.”  Ghosts are EMFs.  I’m an EMF Sensitive in that I can perceive frequencies beyond average.

2 Way.  As much as he has helped me, I have helped him.

He has had to come to terms with things – having a family to keep an eye on – the reality of his situation.

I have talked to him about moving on but he has a lot of work to do still.

Watching after loved ones left behind is a common theme with the spirits I’ve talked to.

I’ve noticed that the healthier I get – the less sensitive to any electronics or technology EMFs – the stronger my paranormal senses become.

I wrote about losing paranormal abilities as part of the EMF Sensitivity issue in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, pointing out that once I donned the copper, silver, and zinc bracelet, my abilities were restored.  I also mention how, after moving to FC, CO, as I began to recover, they strengthened significantly, and diversified (I got more of them).

I have gained a great deal of unique insight regarding EMF Sensitivity and the paranormal.  I feel pretty lucky to have such helpful spirits cross my path.

Today’s video, Ghost Humor 2, should be available after 2:30pm PST.


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