Spooky Fun: No Accounting for Taste in Music

s-l300-2In this Spooky Fun series, I’ve discussed how a spirit I met in Vegas has changed my life, how he has a sense of humor.  He’s also – opinionated.

Not that I would know anything about that.

Especially when it comes to music.

Like I said, it isn’t as if “I” would know anything about that. 

From the very first, our differing opinions on music has been a source of contention.  It’s also been an opportunity for us to learn from each other.

He continues to try and get his way and I teach him just how obstinate I can be about something I am equally passionate about.

In general, our back and forth has been good natured.  I have to admit though – he does have a way of getting a point across.

A few weeks after our trip to Vegas, I was listening to some music in the living room.  He complained about what I was listening to.

Nilsson Schmilsson and then Bjork.

I ignored him and continued to listen to what I wanted.  Eventually, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and as I was coming back, my iPod slid off the sofa, hovered for a bit, then hit the floor.

I remember staring, thinking “I just saw that.  That just happened.”

I switched to Foreigner.  He seemed content.

About a month later, I was vacuuming out the back of the Escape.  I had the music turned up so I could hear it over the noise.  In the middle of a song, the “radio” switched – to one of his songs of choice.

A song I really don’t care for.

I turned off the vacuum, went to check out the radio.  He had literally switched the station to one that was playing this song – which is one he and I had argued over.

I don’t like the album, let alone the song.

The guy is determined, I’ll give him that.

But so am I.

So, we’re living in Scottsdale and I was scrolling through my music list on the iPod.

Looking for music to write to.

To my consternation, a bunch of songs had been loaded onto it.

Not by me.

I checked the iTunes library on my laptop and saw they were there as well.

Songs from multiple albums I don’t own and would never have purchased.

I called Aaron over and he started digging into it.  Suddenly, he jerks back and says, “Whoa!”

I asked, “What?”

He said, “You don’t’ know how to do that?”

I am more or less a basic iTunes user.  My concern?  Does it play the tunes I want to hear?

I replied, “I know!  I told you I didn’t’ load that stuff on there! You know I can’t stand that stuff!”

For several minutes we both stared at the laptop and the iPod.  I sighed and thought, This guy must really want me to expand my horizons. Okay, I’ll try.

For the next week or so I listened to the music while working out.  Finally, I looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry.  I just don’t like this music!  I just don’t get it, okay?  I appreciate that it’s important to you but I do not understand the point of it.”

I then explained what – exactly – I had a problem with.

After a few moments of staring at me, he shrugged and said, “I guess there’s just no accounting for taste in music.”

Since then he has continued to infiltrate my radio.

It’s amazing how often I turn on the radio or turn to a new station to find his favorites playing.  As in 9 out of every 10.  This happened while we were on a recent vacation, too.  At this point, everyone in the family knows the deal.  We just look at each other knowingly and carry on.

He hasn’t switched my [iPod] songs in the middle since we lived in San Diego.

Though he is quick to suggest something for me to listen to.  I admit, a lot of the time it’s something he may not like – but he knows I will.  We’ve come a long way on this score.

Yet another musical antic will be the subject of tomorrow’s video, Ghost Humor 2, which should be up around 2:30pm PST.

Just as I’m going to post this – I smell cigarette smoke.  


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