Bringing a Story to Life – Integrating the Paranormal

1*sii-ojjjlh2f-NMBH3o99gI recently attended a presentation by a group of Middle School students.  As sometimes happens, a student froze up, her nervousness making it difficult to get more than a sentence out.

It was truly a deer in the headlight’s moment for her.

Her team was completely supportive and there wasn’t an adult in the room who wasn’t sympathetic.

The young woman and her parents were at my table.  I found an opportune moment to congratulate her on the wonderful job she and her team did,  and when she told me she got nervous I said, “Everyone does.  Even grown-ups.”

I went on to tell her about how – very recently – my husband was doing a remote presentation to customers when we lost Internet connectivity to our house.  I explained that it just dropped right in the middle of the presentation –that such things are a part of life.  Stuff happens.

The story made an impact and she totally relaxed.

I could see the gears turning as she realized she wasn’t so unique – she was part of a much larger group of people – a group that includes successful people. 

That conversation came home this evening as I was filming vlogs for Metatron’s Army and Soothsayer, the upcoming Port Gallatan story.  A lot of preparation goes into creating these vlogs, but this last batch merited more thought than usual… because of the subject.

The paranormal and how I integrate my paranormal abilities/experiences into my work.

After filming two of the vlogs, I realized that I was shaking.

I was nervous.

I couldn’t help thinking of the irony –  my recent conversation with the young woman intended to bolster her confidence and there I was shaking.

It was particularly ironic given the number of times in my corporate career I got up in front of hundreds of strangers and was totally fine/totally confident.

I can tell you this much – it’s a hell of a lot easier when you’re representing a large corporation than putting yourself out there on your own merit.

A false sense of confidence but there it is.

I’m proud of the work I did tonight – of the work I do – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous.

And that puts me in a larger crowd



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