Bringing a Story to Life – From Writer to Reader

morning-espresso-cup-busiessman-reading-newspaper-background-coffee-worktable-business-analyst-hold-hands-read-70577158From the beginning, Metatron’s Army has been a unique project for me.  Though I’d done series work before, this was more of a saga.  I had to deal with backstory as a story.  I had to deal with multiple characters with parallel and often intersecting lines

Sort of like driving on a freeway.

In the Beginning.  When the basic story was conceived, there were only a handful of characters and two planets.

It took hours of daydreaming for the earliest threads of a plot to come together.

Though the main story arc was in place some thirty-four years ago, the story itself did not truly evolve until right before I started Advantage, Book One in the series.

Once it came together, in the summer of 2016, I got to work on a first draft…of the entire saga.

I was happy to see that natural breaks in the story presented themselves, allowing for the saga to be broken into separate stories, with each book a chapter in the main character’s life.

This format allowed me to give each supporting character their time on the stage.

Along the Way.  Initially, I wove projects, switching between fiction and nonfiction, and then Metatron’s Army and Port Gallatan work.

Subsequent books in the Port Gallatan series are in various stages of development and due for release soon.

After releasing Port In A Storm, I came to realize it was far better for me to finish the entire series rather than interweave projects.

I also realized that taking any break was more painful than pushing through to the next book.

After completing Positional Play, Book Four in the series, I dragged the first drafts of the rest of the saga out and went to work.

Write.  Read. Edit.  For the  early stories, the timing lined up in such a way that I needed to set aside the later books of the series while focusing on whichever one I was getting ready to release.

Write.  Read.  In finishing the first draft of Dark Bishop, Book 7 in the Series two days ago, I caught up to the point I am able to go back to those final books in the series.

As much fun as it’s been working on this project, I’m pretty happy to be approaching its completion.

As I got into books 8 and 9, I came to see that I’d done a lot more writing than I remembered.  What I didn’t remember was exactly what I wrote.

How had I honored the story arc?  What side stories had I introduced to carry things along?

owl reading book clipartIt’s interesting being a true reader of your own work.  It provides a unique perspective that enables you to easily see where changes need to be made.  It can also be frustrating.

Toward the end of Promotion, Book 8 in the series, there is a conversation between Ryn and Christine that had me at the edge of my seat, wondering where it was going.  To my dismay, I’d left it as a cliff hanger!  


Fortunately, I resolve it in Pin, Book 9 in the series.

At least, I think I do.  I’m currently reading that one and I reference the earlier conversation, so I assume.  Maybe I shouldn’t.  😉

apps_concentracion.pngWrite.  Setting aside later books to focus on earlier ones had another interesting effect. It allowed me, along with my characters, to mature with the story.  When I picked up the later books, I found that not only had the characters changed, usually due to the experiences in the story, had changed.

For a similar reason…experiences in living!

As a result, there was/is a great need to flush out subplots, characters, and introduce other necessary changes.

I’d added events in earlier books that changed relationships between characters.  I needed to reflect that (i.e. change dialogue or body language to better reflect how they felt about each other now compared to before a life-changing event).

I doubt that my other series work will take me in this direction as a writer, but I’m glad to have had the opportunity with this one.  Like so much else about the saga and its place in my life, it was rewarding, and unique.

Dark Bishop will be available in September 2018.


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