Bringing a Story to Life – The Role of FreeCell – er – Meditation

screenshot_ios_667With Pawn Storm: Metatron’s Army Book 6 ready for pre-order and full release June 15, I have a bit of free time.  Rather than taking a break, I am working on Dark Bishop: Book 7 in th series.

Set for a September 15, 2018 release.

Keep Going.  I’ve learned that it’s best for me to go right into the next book rather than weave between the series and other material.

Because I just finished the final edit for Book 6, the story – where our heroine left off – is fresh in my mind.  It is because of this that when I went back to work on Book 7 I realized I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the opening scene.

Oh, it would grab the reader.  I just think it misrepresents the situation.

I have a pretty good idea how I’ll fix the issue but I’ve got to iron out the details, come to a place of satisfaction.  I’m finding it more difficult than anticipated, in spite of the fact I’m keeping everything, just swapping a few paragraphs around.

FreeCell to the Rescue!  I don’t want to lose momentum and if I step away and hope the solution will present itself, I will.  To avoid this, I engaged in an activity which will almost guarantee* a quick solution, FreeCell induced meditation.

*So far, it’s worked every time.

Setup.  There are actually two parts to the process.  The first is to select music to listen to.

I generally listen to the play lists that I’ve created for the series.  This gets me in touch with the characters and the scenes/environments in which these characters live and act.

 The next step is to launch FreeCell.  As I sit playing round after round of a game that requires little concentration – as if it’s just a background process – I find myself falling into a meditative state.

Doing a repetitive activity that doesn’t take much in the way of intellectual cycles is relaxing.

With my mind freed of the normal chatter the creative juices begin to flow and soon I’m writing scenes and dialogue, rapid fire.

Challenge One:  Guilt. I  feel squirmish when someone walks by and sees me playing FreeCell.

It’s silly because I don’t have to explain myself to anyone but there it is.

It’s worse if I’m in public.  I find myself wanting to prove I’m working.

Then I think, “Who the hell cares?”  Weird.

Challenge Two:  Write It Down.  This one isn’t really a challenge for me.  I generally begin writing within minutes of finishing the session.

Even if I have to wait, the scene is a movie in my head and very familiar, so I don’t have difficulty.

Think Session.  Many creatives have a time and/or place set aside for generating ideas.  For instance, many, including myself, find the shower conducive to the flow of creativity.

One author keeps a waterproof pen and pad handy for such an occasion.

Walking is another activity during which creative ideas flow, though for me, it’s better for solving non-writer related problems.

Quiet but not Creative.  I live in a relatively quiet area, which would seem the ideal getaway for some think time, but it isn’t.

My mind stays totally in beta and focuses on problems ranging from the mundane (I need to throw the sheets in the dryer or they’ll smell) to the serious (How can I better monitor the effect of new foods on electrolyte balance?).

Writing is pushed to the back burner, until the next FreeCell – er – meditation session.

Play On to Create!

For this article I listened to Harry Nilsson – Nilsson, Schmilsson, which is part of the Metatron’s Legacy Soundtrack.


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