The Paranormal At Work

Fate or Not?

I still can’t believe this..

I just got back from a deliberate break from writing.

So much for the break part as the moment I got home I sat down to write out what took place on that break.

 Normally, at this time of day I’d be writing and as I’m finishing up the first draft of Metatron’s Legacy, I was more likely than not to be writing.  But…  knowing I needed a break, I decided to go out to an establishment that serves drink and food and provides a good atmosphere.

I wanted the peace and quiet I’d come to associate with it.

 To my surprise, I walked in to find the place packed.  I was ready to walk out but my husband gently encouraged me to stay.  I scanned the place, picked one of two available seating areas.

Unbeknownst to me, he was eyeing the other.

 When we sat, I deliberately took a specific side of the booth.

Something told me to put my back to the couple behind me.  I didn’t like the feel of the energy.

 Now, for the paranormal.  Something drove me to go there on this day – at this time – and to not walk out.  Something told me to pick a specific booth and to sit on a specific side of it.

And then…

 When I heard the guy call the waitress sweetie, I rolled my eyes and told my husband how women have to put up with this “crap” all the time.

I said, “He thinks he’s paying her a compliment when really, he’s being an ass.”

I then heard the giggle of a fool who’d agreed to dine with the guy.

Think the chick with Joe Jr. in While You Were Sleeping.

 My husband left to run an errand and I stayed to finish my wine and just chill.

Like I said, break from writing. 

To my complete disbelief, the guy started blabbing unbelievable things…

I quickly deducted he was some sort of rep for wineries.  Interestingly, one of them was supposedly owned by a very famous NFL star.

He was bragging to the woman who was with him how he knew the family…suggested he was a friend.  

Some friend.

 He went on to explain this individual had actually … I can’t believe this … married up in station.  He then went on to talk about all the wines the family served at their dinner table.

As if he’d been a guest at said table many times.

 He took a moment to discuss the type of “cutie” employees who were employed by the winery in less than flattering terms.

Minority cuties, apparently, though the term used was new to me.

I remember wondering what this NFL guy would think of hearing himself talked about like this.

 It didn’t stop there…

The guy went on to talk about the markup put on the alcohol and how the locals were too naïve to know the difference.

I’m paraphrasing his vernacular.   Naïve would have been the nice term. 

 He went on to talk about how “naïve” the locals were and how easy to dupe, as if they wouldn’t know the difference were it blinking in neon.

He disparaged a particular locale, suggesting the locals wouldn’t know whether or not they were overpaying because they were so desperate to be acknowledged, they were culturally bankrupt.

The woman then suggested involving the local real estate agents, who were “all in collusion anyway,” to help sucker the locals.

Who – though they apparently have long memories and “forget nothing” – are incredibly gullible.

Obviously, the two clowns were not local.

The guy continued to name drop his relationship with this famous NFL dude – explaining to the woman in tones that suggested he understood she was an uneducated moron who had been living under a rock for the past twenty years – that this NFL star was – you know –  from one of “Those” teams…

Demographic purposely omitted because I actually LIKE this guy and would never perpetuate the pathetic garbage being spewed …

 As I sat there, the two discussed methods to take advantage of people they deemed too naïve to know the difference. $$$$

Naive.  Read:  Ignorant/Desperate

And the whole time I kept thinking  … What would this NFL guy think if he knew how badly his name was being smeared?

 Not to mention, as my husband pointed out, his agent.


What’s that Saying?





  • What if I’d decided to do my normal routine and work on my novel?
  • What if I’d walked out of the crowded restaurant?
  • What if I’d taken the other seating location?
  • What if I’d sat in the other seat, further from the blabbermouth?
  • What if I’d left earlier and not finished my wine?

 What if I’d decided not to share my story?

He really painted this NFL star as a loser and a gold digger.

Trust me – there was far more to what I heard.  I absolutely STILL cannot believe the stuff that came out of his mouth – in what appeared to be an attempt to impress someone.



One thought on “The Paranormal At Work”

  1. Just grabbing a cup of coffee before the onslaught
    Of the morning begins. I was amused with your
    post. Know someone who had to deal with “wannabes” like this
    guy on a regular basis in corporate. The higher up in the
    company one gets the more they try and
    out-do each other, as they are so insecure
    In their positions. It’s a regular game, and
    It’s sad. The girl at the table with this guy deserves
    this guy, in my opinion.
    Sent from my iPhone


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