Bringing a Story to Life – The Story’s Inside

1hek06Metatron’s Army Is Unique.  One of the challenges of bringing this story to life is that it’s so integrated into my memory that I sometimes forget the reader doesn’t have the inside information.

In editing, I find areas where I have failed to elaborate on key elements then realize it’s because I feel so connected to the reader – through my story, – I assume the reader has the knowledge I do.

This has not been a challenge with any of my other work.

Time Travel.  Certain scenes act as time machines.  I will be typing away – pretty much on autopilot – and suddenly I can see exactly where I was at the moment the scene was hatched in my imagination.

Every detail is suddenly brought to life.

For instance, I was working on a major scene with Christine and the Council of Twelve.  Suddenly, a vivid image of my bedroom in high school appeared in my mind’s eye.  There was a newspaper spread for an upcoming movie that was not sci-fi on my wall.  When I’d originally seen the image in the Detroit Free Press, I remember it evoking a memory from the Near Death Experience that morphed into the Council of Twelve.

il_fullxfull.1260208837_s2qtOn my dresser was a little cast iron globe pencil sharpener.  There’d been a misprint on one of the continents and that became Perm, the Capital City of Catana.

The warehouse bar, complete with mercenaries and aliens,  was created at that same time. 

Verix, who originally had a different role, was inspired by a picture on a calendar I’d received as a Christmas gift that year.

1200px-Salto_del_Angel-Canaima-Venezuela08All of this cascaded into my mind as I was working on the scene.

A follow up scene transported me to the apartment complex my father lived in in Downey.   As a teen, I sat by the pool and wrote.  The image for the Iconoclast came when the guy working maintenance showed me the cassette he was listening to,

Krokus Headhunter.

The image had evoked another memory from the Near Death Experience and though it wasn’t a complete superposition, it became the “bad guy” for the story,.

The Iconoclast.

Now, what was I doing?  Other memories surface.  I’ll remember a book I might have been reading around that time or a TV show or movie I’d seen or was watching as I typed.

Remembering such detail has come in handy when my beta reader needs clarification.

Let Me Introduce you.  There are plenty of new characters who were developed for the fictitious plot but there are central characters who have been with me for thirty-five years.  I

know them well. 

I just have to remind myself, my readers are just meeting them

Simultaneous Display: Metatron’s Army Book Five will be released March 15, 2018.



The trailer will be available Valentine’s Day.



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