Bringing a Story to Life – A Vision Comes to Life

fantasy book cover.pngAt ten years of age, as a result of damage from a brain hemorrhage, I had a Near Death Experience.  When I was able to talk, people asked me what I saw.

I was paralyzed, blind, and in a coma, so it took a bit before I could talk about it.

What I talked about in those early weeks and months after the surgery was a sliver of the entirety of what I saw and experienced.  Part of the issue was that I didn’t have the reference points to adequately explain and/or describe what I saw and experienced.

I never went down any lighted tunnel or up any lighted stairs.

It wasn’t until I was in high school and took math and science courses that I was able to understand what was supposedly a religious experience.

Science has done more to explain the NDE than any dogma, an interesting oxymoron.

 I began filling my room with items that illustrated various aspects of the experience.

Several were hand drawn illustrations that I put up like posters.  One was a full-page ad for a movie – not science fiction – from the Detroit Free Press.

Although these objects and illustrations could never do justice to the real thing, they brought a sense of peace.

When I decided to publish Metatron’s Army, I ran up against the reality that the vision I had in my mind not only needed to translate to the written word, it needed the appropriate imagery to go with it, primarily for the website.

For the World of Metatrn’s Army.

Taking an image experienced/seen in 1979 and bringing it to life in 2018 is no easy task.

It’s far more than describing it to the artist who is helping you.

 I found myself explaining the scientific concepts behind the beings, the images, the universal laws of mathematics and physics involved – to individuals who, while intelligent, did not have a common frame of reference.

Even engineers and mathematicians can only conceptualize so far before an artist’s vision needs to emerge – and artists need a concept of deep science to conceptualize the beauty of mathematics in time and space.

Early work was satisfactory but somewhat incomplete.  I needed more.

As I progressed through the series, an interesting curiosity began to emerge.  The world came alive, not only on paper, but in the tools used to create merchandise and a website designed to draw readers into the World of Metatron’s Army.

It was as if I was finally doing a mind meld with the artists.

Vintage+Drafting+TableTrust the expert.  When I gave a hand drawn sketch of the Vetria System to the artist who would digitally render it, I worried he wouldn’t understand that system the way I did.

I knew Eol, Catana, the Azlaan Research Station and the Ivory Isles like the back of my hand.  I could smell the air, feel the heat of the Catana tropical environment, smell stale alcohol in the mercenary bar on Perm, hear the imperious voice of Estan, the petty bickering of the Lesser Kings…

When I saw what he came up with I was thrilled.  He’d understood!

classic-artist-paletteTrust the artist.  For the color work and subtle illustrations, I turned to an artist who has come to understand me well enough that when I tell her what I’m envisioning, she can make a quick sketch on a scrap of paper and ask, “This?”

In spite of this, I find myself hovering and worrying that the world that has lived inside of me since I was a teen wouldn’t mean as much to them as it did to me.

Was I just another client?

One Artist to Another.  I needn’t have worried.  Both artists told me numerous anecdotes that clearly illustrated they understood the passion for perfection that lived inside of me for it lived in them as well, even if it found an outlet in a capacity other than through the written word.


Pulling It All Together.  I cannot leave out the work of the engineer who pulls it all together.  This man has to be the most patient man on the face of this earth because he has heard me lament – ahem – at the injustice of not having the tools to bring my vision – the world that has been inside of me for decades – to life in a manner that would do it justice.

Fortunately, he’s a huge music fan.  He’s likened my pursuit of perfection to that of Neil Young and Kurt Cobain.

He gets it.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of

Simultaneous Display: Book Five in the Metatron’s Army series will be available in March 2018.



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