Bringing A Story to Life – Pictures of You


Use a picture.  It’s worth a thousand words.  – Tess Flanders

I’m just about finished with the first draft of Metatron’s Army: Zwischenzug.**

This is the third installment in the Metatron’s Army series.

 I have come to realize just how big a role images have played in shaping the epic.

The first images came from a Barbie coloring book.  As I pondered the falsely perfect smiles, perfect white teeth, and the expressions that suggested their lives were unrealistically perfect, I wondered:

  • What if they didn’t like being the princess/prince?
  • What if they didn’t like having to do the bidding of the kingdom at the expense of their independence and freedom?
  • What if they didn’t agree with their royal parent(s) about how the kingdom should be run but weren’t in a position to do anything about it?

Out of those wonderings came the makings of The Army in Metatron’s Army.

A few years later, I was reading the Detroit Free Press movie guide.  There was a full-page ad for an upcoming Michael Douglas movie.  Done in grey-scale I loved the lighting effects, the use of silhouettes.

I hung it on my wall.

 This image was the inspiration for The Council.

I had a metal globe pencil sharpener that wasn’t geographically accurate.  What may have been a typo ended up as a major city.

Multiple album covers have provided inspiration for plot elements and characters both.

In high school, I received a wall calendar for Christmas.

Sexy male models.

The March model sported suspenders but no shirt, and a cool hat, but it was his face that got my attention.

Razor sharp cheek bones that really did look as if they’d cut through his skin and an expression that said he could honestly care less.

The attitude conveyed by that expression was the inspiration for more than one character.

Years later, while visiting a New Age store in Mountain View, CA, I fell in love with the image on a greeting card.

This image really made an impact on me.  I’ve had it for over twenty years.

This image has provided inspiration for multiple aspects of the series.

Just after deciding to go ahead with the Metatron’s Army project, I found a romantic print that was futuristic and, in spite of being an illustration that bordered on comic book style, conveyed incredible sensuality.   As soon as I saw it I knew I had the perfect illustration of two of the main characters.

I smile every time I see it because, along with the other images, it symbolizes the magical synchronicity that surrounds this project, bringing it to life in a special and utterly unique way.

There is a practical side to using imagery for this project.  I decided to use a non-digital tool to help me stay organized.

A binder similar to those I used for proposals when I worked in corporate.

In addition to the project name, I have the Metatron’s Army mission patch that I designed on the cover.  Just looking at it keeps me focused when I’m feeling tired.

This project has been enjoyable but there are times…

Metatron’s Army Advantage will be available March, 2017

** Zwischenzug.:  An “in between move”, where a player, instead of playing the expected move, first inserts a move which the opponent must answer, before making the expected move.


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