Bringing a Story to Life – Dream Works

eyesA dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

  • Colin Powell


What’s in a Dream?  Dreams are so much more than stories we tell ourselves in our sleep.  The information and imagery in dreams can help us solve problems and achieve goals.  They can also help in our careers.

In 1993, I had a dream in which I was standing on a planet with a hot wind blowing on me.  As I stood there, other planets, disproportionately large came close then moved away again.  Repeatedly.

In 2016, I read an article about a NASA discovery.  The image in the article was a match for the one in my dream.

I framed the image and display it where I can see it while working on Metatron’s Army.

This morning, I was sent a link to an article about another NASA discovery.  Imagine my surprise and delight to read the following:

“Standing on the surface of one of the planets, you would receive 200 times less light than you get from the sun, but you would still receive just as much energy to keep you warm since the star is so close. It would also afford some picturesque views, as the other planets would appear in the sky as big as the moon (or even twice as big).”

 Exactly as in my dream.

When I scrolled through the images accompanying the article, I saw that the same one from the 2016 article had been included.

 Some might call this a coincidence.  Others will see it as I do, the magic that is and has been a part of life.

I look for it.  I choose to see the magic in my life, in my dreams.

 Dream Works.  This isn’t the only time a dream has had a positive influence on my writing.

Spirit School.  In After Here, The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, I describe a dream state I call Spirit School.  Located on the dream plane, it is a type of celestial classroom where the attendees listen to lectures.

Fiction – Or Not.  In writing fiction, I draw from experience, education, and imagination.  I have inserted dream sequences into novels when appropriate.

Ghost in the Mirror.  In the fourth book in my Psi-Adventure series there is a lecture on the nature of time given by one of the characters.

Time is a Lens That is Curved.

 This lecture was inspired by a very vivid dream I had about time.

As I often do with such dreams, I’d written it down so I was able to pull from it when writing the scene.

 Metatron’s Army.  Just after I began working on the Metatron’s Army project, I had a lengthy dream about time.

It was in the form of a lecture. 

This dream was interactive.

The lecturer was adamant I prove I was listening.

I was asked to recite the entire lecture back, twice.

Upon waking, I wrote it down, knowing I would use it somewhere in the series.

The sequence appears, unedited, in Metatron’s Army, Bishop Pair.

 I’m not the only professional who has benefitted from dreams.

Dmitri Mendeleev.  The Russian chemist and inventor had a dream in which all the elements were arranged in a particular fashion.  He utilized this information to create the periodic table.

Elias Howe.  The inventor of the sewing machine was having difficulty getting the needle to work properly when he had a dream that provided him with the answer he needed.

It was actually a nightmare in which he was being repeatedly stabbed by cannibals.  The spears they used had holes in the top.  The up and down stabbing motion, along with the holes in the spears, provided him with his answer.

 For more stories of dreams that turned into great things, see this article.

Metatron’s Army Bishop Pair will be available in 2017.


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