Bringing a Story to Life – The Stuff of Dreams

on-the-roof-by-firda-istaniaDream:  A series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep.

“I dream myself alive.”     Aha, Dream Myself Alive

Dreams have taken center stage throughout my life.

Dream Recall.  For better or worse, I have no difficulty remembering dreams.

I have difficulty forgetting them, a problem when they aren’t good dreams.

Nightmares.  I am fortunate.  I rarely have nightmares and when I do, there is a logical explanation.

  • I’m overly tired
  • I’m cold
  • I have a high fever

Psychic Dreaming.  I began having prophetic dreams when I was thirteen.  I learned to differentiate these dreams from other dreams because they are in vivid color.  This is my “trigger” to pay attention.

Lucid Dreams.  These are close to psychic dreams.  Some “trigger” in the dream alerts me to the fact I’m dreaming.  At that point, I become a witness to scenes being played out.

Since my mind is very active during lucid dreaming, I usually wake up more tired when I wake up then when I went to sleep..

Useful Dreams.  Dreams can be helpful by providing insight and information we can use during our waking hours.

The Silva Basic Lecture Series teaches students how to utilize dreams to solve problems and achieve goals.

 Author Richard Bach hit a wall while writing Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

  He couldn’t think of an ending.

  A Silva grad, he programmed to get an answer in a dream.

 He was successful.  This book is one of my favorites, along with The Alchemist.

Creative Dreams.  While attending ICCON** I had an incredible, vivid dream.

It was the kind of dream you feel.

 I knew as soon as I woke, this was the plot for a novel.  On my lunch break I wrote it all down.

It’s in the queue.

 Working Dreams.  In 1993. I had a dream wherein I was standing on a planet with a hot wind blowing on me.  As I stood there, other planets, disproportionately large, came close, then moved away again.  Repeatedly.  At one point, I sensed emotions from the planets.


Upon waking I wrote the dream down in detail.

Given what was going on in my life at the time it was easy for me to interpret this dream.

maxresdefault In 2016, just as I was about to start the Metatron’s Army project, I came across a NASA article about one of their recent discoveries.  While the article was interesting, it was the image in the article that got my attention.

It perfectly matched my 1993 dream!

I framed it and placed it where I could look at it while working.

Metatron’s Army: Advantage arrives 2017.


** The IDEAS User Group


2 thoughts on “Bringing a Story to Life – The Stuff of Dreams”

  1. EMAX,
    I, like you feel that dreams are the view into our hearts and souls. The mind never sleeps, so yes you are very right in listening to and finding answers in your dreams. I’m sure if you have listened to your dreams like you say you have, they have given you plenty of much needed advice. The image you have looks like a wonderful place and that must have been a beautiful dream. If this beauty is in your next novel I look forward to reading it. I like the silhouettes in the trailer.


    1. Sylvan: Thank you for taking the time to comment. Dreams such as the one I mention in my article definitely leave an impact, like a movie that touches you deeply. I read an article this morning that further illustrated the synchronicity of dreams in my life. I published an article about how dreams have contributed to my career this evening. I hope you enjoy it. I’m glad you liked the book trailer. I like silhouettes. They are powerful symbols that leave much to the imagination.


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