Bringing a Story to Life – Decades In the Making

close up of calendar
close up of calendar

Incubation.  Authors get their ideas from a wide variety of sources.

Not only does every author approach story ideas differently, each project is drawn from unique inspiration.  

It isn’t enough to ask What if -?  Not every idea makes it to press.

A good rule of thumb – if you can’t get past page 50, you might want to reconsider.

Though the idea for my current project was formed decades ago, I didn’t make the decision to bring it to life until very recently.

My first reaction to publishing the story was ambivalence.  It was unlike anything I’d ever done and there would be plenty of challenges along the way.

Ultimately intrigued, I decided I was up for the challenge.

Ready.  The first step was wrapping my mind around the entire concept.

I acknowledged the project’s potential then set it aside and focused on projects already in the queue.

Set.  It took a year to decide to move forward with the project and it would be years more before actually starting it.

Go?  I continued with other projects, keeping the story in the back of my mind.

I would jot down notes and scenes then file them away for later.

Go!  When it came time to start the project, I felt comfortable with the idea, in spite of the fact it would be one of the most challenging projects of my career.

Years in the Making.  As I went about organizing the project I made a happy discovery.  I’d been preparing for this project for decades.

That didn’t make it any less challenging.

Familiar Story.  I had several short stories I’d written throughout the years that turned out to be early incarnations of subplots.

Familiar Faces.  The characters were familiar.

The foundation of this story was laid after my Near Death Experience, likely as a way of coping with images and impressions that had come at me at rapid fire speed.

Visual Aids.  A look at the artwork in my home is revealing.  Several images perfectly reflect characters and settings.  What’s fascinating is that these pieces were bought years apart, throughout the decades.

Obviously, this story has been alive and well in my subconscious for quite some time.

To Soothe The Soul.  Music has played a significant role in putting this project together.  From the beginning, I found certain songs popping into my head.  These tunes were not only inspirational, they helped to ground me to the characters and the scenes.

I basically have my own soundtrack.

Shoals Ahead.  Even though pieces were falling into place I knew challenges remained.

Never assume.

Proceed With Caution.  Caution, not reticence.

Hesitation gets sloppy results.

This isn’t a time to dip a toe in the water.  If you don’t fully commit yourself, you’ll never get there.

I’m getting there.

I look forward to sharing more about this exciting project in the near future.


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