Challenging Projects Challenge Writers

Many authors face the challenge early in their career of finding their voice.  I suspect it’s more finding the courage to allow the voice of the character to come through.  That was certainly the case with Jeremy! – Elizabeth Maxim

With the Awakening Series wrapped up, I am hard at work on a new project.

I continuously jot notes for future projects while working on a current one.  Toward the end of the current project, I start outlining and developing the next project in more detail.

 The upcoming project is something entirely new for me.  Just as with Awaken the Lover, it’s something I hadn’t ever considered doing.

The character isn’t the surprise, the genre is.

Yet, just as with The Lover, it felt right, from the beginning.

The genre is new but it’s still paranormal fiction with romantic elements, something very familiar for me.

As Awaken the Seer went into post production I began working.  The project grew until it was a living energy and within seven days I had a first draft!

 I lost a lot of sleep and skipped a few meals but felt energized and happy.

There She Goes.  My family has seen me in this mode before.  They understand when I am staring into space or have to adjust the living room to accommodate the mood for a scene, it’s because the writing is going full-steam.

This is a good thing, worth any temporary chaos.

They also see how anxious I get as I work my way through the steep learning curve of taking on a project out of my comfort zone.

I take pride in all of my work but the stories that challenge me as a writer come with an additional burden.  I feel an intense need to ensure I’m doing justice to characters with unique quirks, gifts, and personalities.

These projects require extra care.  While working I will:

  • Eat standing at the counter while staring at my laptop
  • Pace
  • Listen to music to try to shake things loose
  • Play rounds of Free Cell while listening to music and mentally writing a scene
  • Execute a Marathon session at the keyboard to transcribe the scene
  • Lose sleep

Losing sleep is perhaps the most difficult part of it all.  Exhausted, I stare up in the dark and mentally write scenes and dialogue.

First thing when I wake up I write it all down.

Not every project exacts such a price.

No pain no gain.  When it’s all said and done, I’m not only happy, I’m proud.  The journey has helped me grow as a writer and a person, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I look forward to sharing more about my upcoming project in the near future. 


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