In the Tool Shed



verb re·tool

to make changes to (something) in order to improve

Boy, have I been busy!

What would you do if time spent on health issues were suddenly freed up?

I’ve been fortunate enough to find out. With the health challenges behind me I now have the freedom to focus on my writing career.

Creative. I was thrilled to discover that my creative energy once again began to flow freely.

The difficulty concentrating and fog brain associated with EMF Sensitivity can make finishing projects challenging.

Business. I gave myself credit for getting several books written during an incredibly difficult time but quickly moved on to evaluating new projects.

I immersed myself in the joy of refocusing on my first passion, fiction.

In spite of my eagerness to forge ahead with new projects, I took a step back in order to strategize.

  • – What were my goals?
  • – What open issues needed immediate attention?

Clean House.  I reviewed projects on the back burner, deciding which ones needed to be discarded.

Many authors hold onto every scrap of paper they’ve ever written. I’m no longer one of them. Moving forward means letting go of that which no longer serves you.

Retool. In line with my new vision I am retooling a few projects.

  • I continue to tweak my websites in an effort to improve reader experience.
  • I am about to rerelease Silicon Valley Hangover.

In addition to a new cover, the book has been updated, though the storyline is the same.

  •  I am rereleasing The Wheel

The cover will be updated and the title will change to better match the series of novellas the story is a part of. The story itself will not change.

  • I have several upcoming projects that I am very excited about.

 Stay tuned


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