Writer Wake Up!


blueprint 2 Up until now, going between fiction and nonfiction writing, though challenging, was relatively painless.  I now recognize this is because I was following a blueprint.

NONFICTION: For the last six years I’ve been living,  eating, sleeping  EMF Sensitivity. Combine that with a lifetime of living holistically – a focus on natural healing – and you see how it would be fairly easy to publish material based on a condition I was living every moment.

A lot of work went into it, it just came naturally given that I was living with the condition I wrote about.

FICTION: I came up with the premise for the Psi Adventure Series in 2003.

First drafts of Kerry’s Game and Ghost In The Mirror were written in 2003.

I came up with the premise for the Hangover Series in 2007.

Silicon Valley Hangover was written in 2007.  Psychic Hangover was written in 2011. In between? A debilitating health condition known as EMF Sensitivity, which made writing a monumental effort .

Passion will get you far even when you’re about out of fuel.

Now that I’ve cured both my rheumatic arthritis and the EMF Sensitivity, I am turning my focus back to my first passion, fiction.

I have plenty of nonfiction left.


For the other books in the series I followed the blueprint laid out  previously.  New Material?  That’s a whole different ballgame.

wondering-18wkfa0It wasn’t for a lack of ideas..  I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was three.  I’ve got lots of ideas…





Writers are notorious for keeping every scrap of every idea we’ve ever had, every project we’ve ever started, or finished, often stuffed into the back of a closet or other dark storage place.

So, I did have several ideas floating around, but …  so much has happened since then!

I was a different person when I wrote those ramblings.  

While I still feel connected to the main concept, the original story arc no longer works.  It needed work. A lot of work.

Free of the illness and feeling triumphant as a result, I was desperately anxious to get to work. I felt good, health-wise, and wanted to take advantage of that. Still, I made myself wait.

The story in its current form was not ready.  There was a lot of work to do.

Inside:  Without my blueprint I felt adrift.  My confidence was shaken.  It was as if I was that aspiring novelist of 2003.

Outside:  I remembered a book I’d read years ago, From Where You Dream, The Process of Writing Fiction.  What stood out the most was how the author, talked about the need to get into the deepest darkest part of ourselves,  and how too many writers write from their head, not their soul.  

toonvectors-11544-940Because the place where it dwells, this deepest darkest part of ourselves, is terrifying.  




Show the world what’s inside of us?  EEEKKKK!


I began rereading this book and to my delight, found that the part of me that has been trapped beneath illness (and toxins) was eager to get back into the game.


It just had to wake up.




The exercises in the book are brilliant. They were also familiar.

He speaks of using index cards in a specific writing exercise.  Instead of cards, I use MS Word documents filed away  for future use in folders bearing the project idea names.

He also describes an exercise of pre-dreaming. This is exactly what I do when I play rounds of FreeCell. I totally zone out and get into my characters, my stories, and into the scenes.

It is incredibly reassuring to have this man’s wisdom at my fingertips as my muse comes to the surface.

Especially since the project I’m working on is challenging me as a writer.

I really feel as if I have access to a wise counselor who understands the feelings of the writer inside.

The novelist who has been buried under an avalanche of environmental poisons.

I encourage aspiring and accomplished fiction writers to consider reading From Where You Dream. It’s a wonderful repository of wisdom and tools to help you improve your craft.

Like any good teacher, the author is compassionate yet firm as he guides writers through a journey of discovering what’s locked deep inside.

An unexpected bonus was an ability to see the wisdom of tossing material that doesn’t work.

Bookshop_Nice2_525To those writers who believe it essential to hold onto every scrap because you might use it someday?  Watch an episode of Hoarders – imagine that clutter in your mind!





Starting Over:  Without a blueprint, it’s as if I’m back where I started – an aspiring writer just beginning my career.  Except…

Experience. And with that experience comes the wisdom needed to steer my career in the direction iI need it to go, one that reflects my passion.

The fear and anxiety don’t go away, but they don’t paralyze me because…

Knowledge is Power and Experience Is Power to Share.

The book provided new Knowledge. The Experience provides the path forward.



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