Minerals to Beat Procrastination and Increase Mental Clarity

I’m fortunate to have a career that marries two of my passions, holistic living and writing, and while many of my recent website articles have focused on holistic living, I have a topic  I believe will be of great interest to readers of Author’s Corner as well, minerals that will help writers.

As I’ve been detailing in my Holistic Living blog, I have recently discovered the relationship between minerals and healing autoimmune conditions such as rheumatic arthritis and EMF Sensitivity.  During my experience rebuilding my own severely depleted mineral stores I stumbled upon two very interesting facts.

They are facts for me personally as they are my direct experience.

Potassium will relieve procrastination and zinc will enhance mental clarity.

Potassium.  An electrolyte, it helps conduct electrical charges in the body.  Potassium cations are important in brain and nerve function.  I have recently come to realize that if I am low on potassium, I will procrastinate in my writing.

I will say “I need to work on my novel,” but somehow I never get around to it.  I typically feel spacey and frighteningly unconcerned by the procrastination.

Once I have my potassium levels restored, my procrastination [quickly] ends and I get back to work.  Unless…

Zinc.  An essential mineral, zinc is important for a healthy immune system, properly synthesizing DNA, promoting healthy growth during childhood, and healing wounds.  It is also crucial in regulating how neurons communicate with one another, affecting how memories are formed and how we learn. 

People who have autoimmune conditions, myself included, often experience brain fog.

You an imagine the impact this has on completing a novel.

Once I restored my zinc, not only did the brain fog disappear, I experienced incredible mental clarity and energy in multi-tasking, which is important, if not necessary, for writers.

Restoring depleted minerals.  I discuss this in more detail in my Holistic Living column, but I can shummarize what I’ve done with regards to rebuilding depleted zinc and potassium stores.

·      Juicing (Fresh)

·      Concentrace Liquid Trace Minerals

·      Solaray OptiZinc 30 mg

·      Solaray Potassium Asporatate 99 mg

The juice recipe I am currently using is carrot, apple, pear, beet, cilantro, and ginger.  The cilantro helps detox heavy metals which can prevent the absorption of minerals.  Ginger adds taste and aids the digestive system, important to absorb those minerals.

For more information on nutritionally rebuilding depleted mineral stores, see my Holistic Living column.

Happy writing!


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