A question from Australia – After Here book

Today, I received a question from a reader in Australia.  She enjoyed my book After Here: the Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Dieand had a question.

“…just one question about how you said there is multiple lifes at one time and you said you felt the one of you die.  How did it feel or how did you know?  Was it through dream?  Did you feel it?  Or did you see or sense it in spiritual realm?”

My answer:

You asked how I felt the other timeline, the one where I died.  I felt it in multiple ways.

I did not dream of this other world – it is when I am awake that I am aware of it.

First, I had (have) a ‘knowing” about it.  I just “knew” that although I was alive at that moment, somewhere else I had diedI also felt it – in my heart/stomach area, where the solar plexus is located?  It was a warm feeling there and that is how I “felt” the other timeline…through the solar plexus.

This is a bit difficult to describe – I’m trying to find the words here.

Another way I felt it was as a sense of deja vu.  It was as if I just had that knowledge within – it had already happened and I was aware of it because it was in the past, had already happened.

Finally – I could see it – remotely, in my mind’s eye.  It was as if I was watching a movie on a screen that was quite far away.  It did not disturb me to see the scenes from that timeline because I did not feel any emotion coming from them.  I was just watching.

(This was like watching a movie you’d never seen before on television with the sound turned down.  You can tell by the scenes, what’s happening, but you can’t feel anything because you don’t hear the dialogue or the music that sets the tone of it).

The part that disturbed me was the “feeling” sensation I had through my solar plexus.  I felt the sadness and loss.  How I learned to integrate that over the years was to acknowledge that this was a truth for me.  I accepted it.  I also accepted that I was in the timeline in which I was alive.  By accepting both these truths and not focusing on “how is this possible?” I was able to move forward in life in such a way that this didn’t weigh me down.

I also had to accept that not everyone would be able to understand this part of my life.  I would try to explain if someone inquired but I never tried to convince them of this.

Years later, I was in a bookstore in Palo Alto, California.  The woman working there pulled a book on Native American spirituality from a shelf and showed an entry to me that explained certain Native American culturess allowed for this.  They referred to individuals who had been through a near death experience and who were able to continue existing in both realms as Spirit Walkers.

It helped me to know that there were cultures who readily accepted such things.

I hope this helps.


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