The works listed here are novels in which intimacy between characters is edgier, deeper, sometimes what I would call raw.

Raw is my word for the vulnerability one or both characters may feel as a result of becoming intimate; a time when emotional and psychological barriers are down.

Though some of the scenes are fairly explicit, I do not write what would be considered erotica.  

Who Are They?  I put a lot of thought into intimacy scenes evaluating the circumstances that brought the characters to the point they want to engage in intimacy as well as the characters themselves.

  • What is their state of mind at that moment?  
  • Who are they as individuals and to each other?  
  • How are they going to change as a result of becoming intimate?

In some cases the characters have been together throughout a series but circumstances have made it so the sex takes on new depth.

Maybe it’s trust.  Maybe it’s self-confidence.  Maybe it’s that the environment is conducive to deeper exploration.

Of self and/or with a partner.

Caring if not Love.  Intimacy isn’t always the result of love in the traditional sense.

One night stands are not taboo in my stories.

And yet my characters care, about themselves and about each other.  

My characters have vulnerabilities and yet they are equals when it comes to intimacy.  

Emotion and psych are on par with the physical in my work.

Sex is as much in the mind and soul as in the body.

I will continue to add titles to this section as appropriate.

I have Ghost Games and Port Gallatan stories in development which will appear here, along with other as yet to be released works.

Stay tuned.